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Freelancer Track for Women

Freelancer Track for Women

WE Start Program

Are you a professional interested in exploring career options which will allow you to work from home? Unlike normal jobs, Freelancing gives you to option to select the place, time and manner in which to do work. Global 'Gig' economy is $1.5 trillion in size. In India, the freelance industry is estimated to grow to $20 - 30 billion by 2025. Interested to know more? Drop in your application to participate in the Kerala Freelancer Bootcamp.

Bootcamp Agenda

  • How the Gig Economy works
  • Choosing what skill to Freelance
  • Setting up your profile and finding Work
  • Evaluating jobs and sending your proposal
  • Investing in yourselves

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The top 10 participants will be selected for a 8 week Incubation Program

Applications for Freelance Track is open

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The incubation program will help you get started with your freelancing career. During the 8 week program you will go through the following modules:

  • Evaluating your strengths and understanding what skills to enhance
  • Creating a Portfolio: What you need and what you don't
  • Exploring Freelance Marketplaces (Putting your eggs in different baskets)
  • Setting up your routine and tools for work-life productivity
  • Let's get you your first client!